Stray Night #4 w. Orkid, Second Wave, Greetings Sugar / Expirat / 19.11

Expirat Halele Carol, București
Strada Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București 040542
marți, 19 noiembrie '19, ora 20:00
The fourth back-to-back gig of the 'Stray Nights' series with perfromances by Orkid, Second Wave and Greetings Sugar. In Expirat, on November the 19th. Mai multe detalii
'Stray Nights' are a series of concerts organized by the Stray Lights, a Romanian indie music community established by Orkid, Zammorian, Second Wave, DayDay, Greetings Sugar & Dor Mărunt. We believe that only with a common effort of our local bands, audience, clubs, promoters, festivals & music critics the Romanian music scene will evolve. We aim to discover & support new bands & new acts & also help the local scene in anyway we can.

Orkid is a trio of angry shoegazers howling the post-traumtaic blues.
They are inspired by punk, blues, post-rock & progressive guitar music.
Also, these Psycho-Killer Whales are on a continuous and neverending quest for improving the means of communication between whales, humans and extraterrestrial life forms.

Vlad Ilicevici - Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Uke
George Frătica - Bass Guitar
Radu Pop - Drums, Keys, Art Direction

Second Wave is an alternative rock duo from Bucharest, Romania and it consists of Daniel Antohi on vocals & guitar and Radu Dorobantu on the drums.
They made their debut in late 2016, since then releasing 3 singles that were played on local alternative radio stations.
With dreamy textures, straight-forward drumbeats and a heavy use of modulation effects, they manage to fill the stage with their sound, although being just a two-piece band.

Greetings Sugar is an alternative dark-hearted band from Bucharest, Romania. Formed by Stefan Eremia on vocals and Gabriel Kirmaier on guitar, the band's manifesto is best described by a quote from Arcade Fire's Will Butler: ''Dancing with a tear in your eye''.
The band is focusing on a rhythmical direction with trumpets as recurring elements, however their music challenges the notion of "genre" by being a blend of many influences.
Andrei Cebotaru joined the band on keyboards and they are about to launch their first two singles in september 2016.