Mojo - English Comedy Night

Mojo Club, București
Strada Gabroveni 14
vineri, 18 mai '18, ora 20:00
Hello, guys & ladies living and working here in Romania. Did you notice something missing from your lives? I bet you like it here, with all the good food, bars, parties, pretty ladies and mediocre looking men...but there's no real live entertainment for you, is it? I mean, except from the beautiful women, stop thinking about those. We wanna offer you for the first time in Bucharest, some English stand-up comedy nights, with the best comedians in town, every Friday evening @Mojo. What do you say? Would you stop hitting on our gals' and drinking all our booze, and just have a laugh with us? We promise you'll understand every word, spoken with a hint of a Russian accent, and laugh your pants off, 'cause Romanians are super funny and always drunk. Come one, come all and be semi-amazed. Mai multe detalii

Când? Vineri, 23 Martie la ora 20.00
When? Friday, 23th of March at 20.00

Unde? Club Mojo in Centrul Vechi in Gabroveni nr 14
Where? Mojo Club in The Old Town, 14th Gabroveni Street

Bilet 40 ron
Ticket price 40 ron ( 9 euro)

Accesul minorilor este interzis!

Info 0726 688 658

Biletele se achitioneaza in avans de la bar sau online aici
You buy tickets in advance from tha bar’s venue or from this online link

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