Tortuga (PL) • Church of Cthulhu • Expirat • 25.10

Expirat Halele Carol, București
Strada Doctor Constantin Istrati 1, București 040542
marți, 25 octombrie '22, ora 21:00
Hailing from the dark worlds of Lovecraft, spaced out doom/sludge/stoner rock collective – Tortuga – are landing in Expirat for their first concert in Bucharest.
This hugely talented band from Poland bring their own deeply rich and inventive ideas to the table and it’s an album built on heavy rhythms and grooves whilst creating an addictive Horror/Sci-Fi twist. You can listen to the riffs or scary ideas the band have woven deep into the overall story of their sound.

Relying on detuned, fuzzy guitars, distorted bass lines, groovy drums, and aggressive vocals, Church of Cthulhu is often a mind-bending journey between layers of subterranean doom and crisp psychedelic passages. Usually at a low tempo, but with unexpected bursts of classic stoner riffs. As of 2022, Church of Cthulhu is working on a brand-new album that will include the recently released singles King of Nothing and Killing Faith. And it's heavier than any of the band's previous releases.

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