PyJam MyJam by Virgin Musiquerade

Fratelli Studios, București
Strada Glodeni, București
vineri, 31 martie '17, ora 23:00
There will be no eyes closed! Mai multe detalii

We will bring crazy dancers and they will make a show that will drive everyone crazy. No one will sleep! We will turn the dance floor into a huge bed filled with insane insomniacs. Pyjamas will be mandatory. DJ Sebastien will sleep with us, DJ Manuel Riva will be in our bed too and Rengle will sing the lullaby. This is the craziest pyjamas party ever as MUSIQUERADE will bring together only the best people! Come and stay awake with us! Your pyjamas will get WOW!

headliners: Sebastien vs Manuel Riva
event residents: Cristi Stanciu & Mark Rayen
choreographed by Emil Rengle