TEDxBucharestSalon: Open Skies, Open Minds

Fabrica Gastropub, București
Strada 11 iunie
miercuri, 24 iulie, ora 19:15
TEDxBucharest Salon – Open Skies, Open Minds Is an invitation to recharge, relax and reconnect with ideas worth spreading. With a balanced mix of live speeches and a carefully curated selection of TED and TEDx recorded talks, the event will open your appetite for inspiration, motivation and those surprising aha moments that can influence your own lifestyle decisions. Mai multe detalii

So, bring an open mind and prepare for a night under the open skies at Fabrica Gastropub. The TEDxBucharest carefully prepares the Salon events – a short TEDx format – with the finest mix of speakers, recorded content, excellent networking and an open-air experience. We’ll be delighted to see you on July 24th , starting at 6:30 PM.

All participants will also be eligible for special benefits associated with TEDxBucharest – Metamorphosis – the grand event taking place on the 21st and 22nd of September.

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