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Sotavento Big Band (Arg - tango jazz big band) LIVE in Capcana

Club Capcana, Timișoara
miercuri, 7 august '19, ora 20:00
Sotavento Big Band (SBB) From Buenos Aires, (Argentina) a 12 piece ensemble that deals with Jazz, Tango and Argentine folk music. Mai multe detalii

Founded in Buenos Aires 15 years ago, Sotavento Big Band is a Jazz-Tango band that mixes the melodic and rhythmic patterns of Argentinean tango with the harmony and improvisation of jazz in a Big Band format. His music goes from traditional tango to Astor Piazzola's music without never abandoning the territory of jazz.

The orchestra shared the stage with numerous groups of high professional level of Argentina and Europe and became one of the most active Big Band at the Buenos Aires jazz scene.

The band made two European Tours: The first in 2015, touring in four countries, and performing in several venues and festivals, highlighting his performance at the Main Stage of the Nisville International Jazz Festival in Serbia. Serbian media said it was "the first time he heard in Serbia tango in a format of Big Band"

During its second tour in 2017, the orchestra toured more than ten countries from Western and Eastern Europe and gave more than eighteen concerts, including those performed at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

This year the band will perform at Capcana Timisoara for the first time within the framework of its third European tour that will include more than 10 countries in Western and Eastern Europe and in which the band will perform more of 20 concerts among them his presentation for the second time in the Main stage of the Nisville International Jazz Festival in Serbia, where SBB was invited to be part of the "Big band Summit" with another 3 big bands of the Balkans.

The band recorded 3 albums: "Sotavento Big Band" , “10 Years" and "Tango" (2017).


Gustavo FIRMENICH (Director & b-sax), Andrés VELTRI (ts), Miguel BENSADON (ts), Florencia CRNKO (as), Fidel BRAVO (as), Sergio CISNEROS (cl, ts), Emanuel VARGAS (tp), Duilio GIRI (ts), Horacio BALDASSARRE (ts), Bruno STACCHIOTTI (dr), Enrique GALLO CALDERON (p), Cristian COR (b), Patricia LEGUIZAMON (voc)

More inrormation:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHJWvQgv89o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUOZov4Jnek

Press quotes:

“A fascinating variety of textures in the wind with deep bass lines of the tenor saxophones",
By Ian Mann de “The Jazz Mann” Gales, UK.

“The band made a version of Tanguera that was a nice mix of tango and jazz"
By Lance Liddl de “Bebop spoken here” Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

“Another group that provided at the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2017 a different slant on the tradition was the 13-member Sotavento Big Band. In addition to a standard rhythm section, the group featured only woodwinds—five tenor saxophones, two clarinets and one alto. This unique combination of sonorities was employed to perform jazz-oriented version of traditional and modern tango.”
By Matk Holston published January 31,2018 in “All About Jazz”

support artist: 20 lei

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