Exclusiv pe iabilet.ro

New Candys (It) Eastern Europe 2020 tour

Manufactura, Timișoara
Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu 9, Timișoara
sâmbătă, 25 ianuarie, ora 20:00
Exclusive Romanian show in Timisoara! Mai multe detalii

Worldwide acclaimed as one of the best rock´n´roll emerging band around, NC are always looking forward to be on the road! Tour in Australia in February ´17 and a US one in April ´17 brought the band to record a live studio session for the legendary KEXP!
A new european/uk tour is scheduled for next Feb/March, and a US one will follow. The great rock´n´roll circle of New Candys is always on the move!

After a self-produced EP, in 2012 they released the album “Stars Reach The Abyss” on Foolica, a UK tour followed. In 2015 they took part in “The Reverb Conspiracy”, compilation curated by Fuzz Club/The Reverberation Appreciation Society (Levitation Austin). Later that year “New Candys As Medicine”, album mixed by John Wills (producer and drummer of Loop), has been released on both Picture In My Ear/Fuzz Club and added to The Committee To Keep Music Evil catalogue, receiving praises from Simone Marie Butler of Primal Scream and Stephen Lawrie of The Telescopes.

New album stream here: Bleeding Magenta