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Villagers of Ioanina City at /FORM Space

/FORM SPACE, Cluj-Napoca
Aleea Stadionului 2, Cluj-Napoca 400000
sâmbătă, 3 decembrie, ora 20:00
Villagers of Ioannina City is a folk rock band from Ioannina, Greece, formed in 2007. They play post, stoner, and psychedelic rock with a large dose of Greek folk music from the region of Epirus. The regional musical tradition is characterized by polyphony, specific rhythms and tunes, and the use of clarinet, kaval, and bagpipe. The band fuses this unique folk music with modern psychedelic forms, creating a sound where the dominant solo instrument is the clarinet. They had played in the biggest rock festivals and in numerous sold-out shows in the biggest music scenes in Greece. Mai multe detalii