Cluj-Napoca: Octave at L'Autre Café

L'Autre Café , Cluj-Napoca
Str. Ion Creangă nr. 8
sâmbătă, 29 februarie, ora 22:00
Octave •

DJ and Producer of House music born in Iasi, Romania, some twenty years ago. Mai multe detalii

He's been around electronic music since he was a little boy, influenced by his brother's musical path through genres from nu-metal to break-beat, techno and dark-step and ultimately combining all this experience into the deep groovy house music which he is mixing and producing today.

Influenced by many artists and genres but always keeping his style personal and unique.  Music is his passion and that is what his music is. Passionate. Heavy kicks, subtle percussions and eerie themes give off a minimal-like feeling but without the cold and robotic sound. The Analog feeling in his tracks is given by the unique way he produces them which some may see as chaotic but as it appears, there is a method to this man's madness.


Octave •

Lucide •

Sen SU •

Saturday 29 February 2020 At- L'Autre Café Cluj-Napoca
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