Cluj-Napoca: 3AD // Milk Overdose Birthday Party

Flying Circus Pub, Cluj-Napoca
Piața Unirii 21
joi, 18 aprilie, ora 21:00
After 12,000,000 non-sold albums worldwide and 124 half-house concerts, 3AD is back, like never before, to conquer the only planet known to be polluted by the so-called human race.

As the pioneers of Transylvanian new wave thrash'n'roll, they represent a unique color in the homogenic alternative rock palette of the Transylvanian live music scene.

Unbroken progress since 2016 represents the work of the quartet, which has visited the smaller corner of the known world, but it reached thousands of listeners on the world wide web.

The metallic dance troupe of Cluj has performed concerts in halls, pubs, on the street, in a water park, in a yurt, on a ship, inside a hangar, on a farm, in a synagogue, in an office and on a school yard too. They have opened for bands like Byron, Anna and the Barbies, Kistehén, Zanzibár, Apey, Dorogi and Carson Coma. Mai multe detalii