Alandala ▼ Takeover [inovation_park] w/ BARAC

Cluj Innovation Park, Cluj-Napoca
Strada Valea Chintăului, Cluj-Napoca
sâmbătă, 24 august '19, ora 20:00
▼ Let's be honest: you were waiting for this as much as we did. Another summer flashed before our eyes and oh, long live all the magic we made! Mai multe detalii
Since the very beginning, we wanted a place that makes people happy. And we found several. Now it is time to breathe the air of a new location: CREIC - Cluj Innovation Park. We have exquisite things in-store and taking you here, giving you another night that causes your soul to dance inside your body, is just the beginning. 
We do not believe in words nor random actions. We believe in loud silence and soul connections. So please do not settle for ordinary nights. Drown in good music and be ravished by the alandala feeling along Barac, r.hitect and Macarie
Some nights are just better than others. This is surely one of them.
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