Alandala ▼ day&night v_o22

BT Arena, Cluj-Napoca
Strada Uzinei Electrice, Cluj-Napoca
sâmbătă, 22 iunie, ora 23:00
▼ Sometimes, without any warning, the music starts and everything around you begins to shine. Mai multe detalii

Bright and beautiful, so beautiful that you can't think straight anymore. Occasionally it comes from the people around you, sometimes it's your favorite DJ behind the deck. It matters not the source of that sound, it matters what you do with that music.

That s why we expect to see you dancing at alandala ▼ day&night v_o22 [part two]. We will meet again at BT Arena, where the whole place will come to life thanks to Binh, Cap, Polarize and their compulsive passion for music creation.

This is gonna be one of those nights that burn bright and brilliant. We promise.