Alandala day&night v.020 [opening party]

BT Arena, Cluj-Napoca
Strada Uzinei Electrice, Cluj-Napoca
26-27 mai '18
…. and so, with sunshine and the great burst of blooming flowers, we had that familiar sense that life was beginning over again with the summer. Our story started from the thorough desire to create unforgettable experiences, by reinventing non-mainstream outdoor locations that surround us and create a rich heritage of beautiful memories, with the help of an outstanding selection of guests and a vivid crowd. Mai multe detalii

The first edition will take place at Casino Park during daytime and continues at Sala Polivalenta from midnight, on the 26th of May, which makes it the perfect occasion to skip sleep for a night & travel within the territory of imagination through music, visual art & live performances. We invite you to spend some quality time, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, while listening to beloved artists such as GOLAN & Miss Platnum live, Kida, Vlad Bretan by daytime and Cabanne, Cezar & K!D Chriss by night.'

_daytime casino_ [free entry]
Red Bull Music presents Sound Travels w/ GOLAN (live) ★ Cluj
GOLAN [live band] & Miss Platnum
Vlad Bretan

_nighttime polivalenta_ 

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