Vadoo Chill Fest #4 2022

Vadu Oii, Gura Teghii , Vadu Oii (Buzău)
20-23 august '22
Dear Vadoo Festers,

As you all know, the Covid-19 cases in Romania are growing as we speak. We really hoped it would turn out better, but apparently, we are far away from this scenario. Given the circumstances, sadly but hopefully (if we will be lucky enough to have a friendlier year) we took the decision to postpone this year's edition of Vadoo Chill Fest - @Vadoo chill fest 2020 for 2022. For you, it means:

- if you already purchased a ticket for this year's edition, you can use the ticket for the next edition of our festival or, at your choice, for any other event (small party or gathering) we will organize in the future.
- if you want a refund for your ticket, you can ask for a full refund.

We would really appreciate it if you would decide to support your favorite artists and our community to grow and keep your ticket for our next event. Of course, there would be no hard feelings if you don't. :)   We only wish to see you happy and healthy as soon as possible!

Take care of yourself and your beloved ones! Stay safe and remember: IT'S ALL ABOUT GOOD VIBES! Mai multe detalii