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Coma @ /FORM Space

/FORM SPACE, Cluj-Napoca
Aleea Stadionului 2, Cluj-Napoca 400000
sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie, ora 20:00

Accesul este permis doar persoanelor peste 18 ani.

They will fill the Space again on 26 November.
Coma is a Romanian rock band, founded in 1999, in Bucharest, as a nu-metal group, by former members of the bands Daft Allison and Ska Burger.
Coma has, over time, opened concerts for bands/artists such as Linkin Park, Deftones, Incubus, Sepultura, Ozzy Osbourne, Therapy?
Biohazard, Soulfly, Ignite, Hed PE , Harmful feat Billy Gould (Faith No More) or Born from Pain & Skunk Anansie or even The Cure.
This event is 18+ Mai multe detalii