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Carla's Dreams / 7 Years of at /FORM Space

FORM SPACE, Cluj-Napoca
Aleea Stadionului 2, Cluj-Napoca 400000
sâmbătă, 14 octombrie '23, ora 20:00

Accesul este permis doar persoanelor peste 18 ani.

Carla’s Dreams is back at /FORM Space for our 7-year anniversary! 7 YEARS of FILLING THE SPACE with 7 diverse genres for every musical taste, from DnB to House, back to Rock and straight to Metal, Retro to Electro and all the way to Hip Hop, 7 loud years of artists and bands, promoting newcomers and honoring legends, descending from 7 corners of the world, resonating over 7 years of welcoming unique party people and music lovers, singing along and dancing non-stop on 7 years of echoes and beats. Mai multe detalii