2 years of Musiknacht

Kruhnen Musik Halle, Brasov
sâmbătă, 16 martie, ora 22:00
Unum and the audience bonded beautifully in the past years, not only do they share a special interest and commitment towards music, but also both have grown gracefully over time. Mai multe detalii

Musiknacht is simply one of the founding parties that sustained our concept, and we are happy and grateful that through each party, we come to learn more and more about good music and ambience.

It’s been 2 years since people started coming together to spend quality time and savor quality music, 2 years of Musiknacht.

That is why we need to celebrate accordingly, with a significant line-up:

Mihai Pol & Mera

visuals: Senpai stuff
Funktion One

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