Aleea Muzeului Etnografic, Cluj-Napoca
Aleea Muzeului Etnografic
5-7 octombrie

MIORITMIC enters its sixth year at its Gothic Transylvanian home, between 5th-7th of October.

Prepare to transcend into our universe, symbolizing all things joyous spiced up with Romanian traditional motifs and design.

Mai multe detalii

As we did annually, we’ll treat you with 3 different stages highlighting a diverse music library, where different visual art installations are illustrated.

Upon entering the eerie forest of Padurea Hoia, you can expect to be completely disconnected from the real world. Our magic is a best kept secret, submerging both togetherness & intimacy.

Stay tuned.

More details coming soon.

Early Bird 99 de lei (14 iunie- 15 iulie)

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